Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A moronic article from The Times of India editorial!

Sitting idly at work for 4 hours without doing anything may be a regular affair for the primary school teachers of govt schools in Bihar, but the same for people like me, who likes to be busy with work, is nothing less than a punishment. A total of 10 patients for 7 people at duty was all that we got today. With so less of work and medical books opened in front of me, it was getting harder and harder for me to keep my eyes open. This was the time when I fetched for today's newspaper and got to read this article from the editorial segment of The Times of India.
The article was about Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer filing for bankruptcy. Reading the first lines itself left me shocked and surprised. The roaring lion face surrounded by the filmstrip came before my eyes just by the mention of MGM's name. Some of the Hollywood's classics have come from this production company and thinking of all those films, I was not feeling comfortable with the news of it filing for bankruptcy.
The article also compared the Hollywood's style of functioning to the Bollywood and at many places indicated that Bollywood can be better than Hollywood. The title of the article itself contained a footnote saying, 'Days of Hollywood’s unquestioned supremacy may be over'. The article was in the editorial segment of the newspaper wherein the writer's name was not specified but whosoever he/she was must be a moronic follower of Johar/Chopra's Bollywood. Where the start of the article left me disheartened, at the end the feeling was completely different. Inspite of thinking of MGM's bankruptcy, I was, more of, laughing at the wits of this writer.
To quote him,
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the legendary 86-year-old Hollywood studio, is filing for bankruptcy. This relates to Hollywood’s style of functioning, marred by overblown budgets, unreal plots, unsure narratives and tired stars, none of which enthuse audiences that are themselves changing and seeking novelty mixed with realism. In contrast stands Bollywood, the Hindi film industry steadily expanding over the globe. Bollywood’s themes are constantly energised by everyday culture and mythology while increasingly including edgy, experimental stories.  
 The writer says that the Hollywood is suffering its overdependance on overblown budgets or unreal plots or tired stars and that the Bollywood is gaining global expansion due to its edgy, experimental themes. If that is the actual matter then how exactly the overblown budget of Raavan, or the unreal plot of Veer or the tired stars like Shahrukh or Salman are leading Bollywood to a global acclaim is completely beyond my understandings. Every second film in India is said to be a remake of some Hollywood movie and then this writer is expecting Bollywood standing side by side to Hollywood. Doesn't it all seem hilarious on his part!
The most hilariously absurd part of the article was yet to come in the last line. After all the optimism this was the punch line of the article, an unattainable height of optimism:
It is quite possible that Bollywood could teach America a trick or two about making hit movies, cleverly-budgeted, yet straight from the heart.
 For me these are these 'straight from heart' movies in India, that have never allowed the Bollywood to develop a well respected place in the art world globally. Some movies have come big hits in the world market but who are the viewers there. The reach of Indian people to each and every corner of the world is only what has made such films hit. For international viewers, Hindi films are still way down in priority list. Everyone in India considers Sholay a cult classic, this is what a review in Chicago reader has to say about it:
The tone alternates between slapstick and melodrama, and Sippy occasionally sneaks in some populist messages. The plot is formulaic, the camerawork is slapdash, the male bonding borders on camp.
This is what the whole understanding of Bollywood in the western world still is. And still, if someone thinks that a 'straight from the heart' movie can overtake Hollywood's supremacy, then I have no words for that moron. These 'straight from the heart' movies have only managed to make the viewers cry. The Johar/Chopra's or Shahrukh's blind supporters are not the only one who cry their hearts out while watching such movies. There are some other people also who cry albeit the reason is a bit different. The first group pf people cry as they succumb to film maker's desperate act to make people cry and the other group cries on that very desperate act. I don't know till when these people will continue to give such shits of melodramas but I am completely sure that till then Bollywood can never become a stronger force in international cine-world.


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