Friday, October 29, 2010

The first time that isn't quite!

So, the first post by me on this very blog. This very blog might be new for me but I am not in anyway, new to blogging. I have been busy here for quite some time now. I started there with english posts, usually about movies both hindi and english. There were occasional posts on literature and then there were others somewhat personal. With time, something like an attraction towards hindi blogging came. The reason, I can't really ascertain, but must lie with the fact that hindi is my mother-tongue and have always felt more conversed and comfortable with that. Having said that, my english is then not that bad to completely leave it. There were occasional english posts also there but they looked somewhat alien. So, just a thought of independent blogs for the two languages came, and here I am with this one.
Maintaining one blog has been difficult at times for me and hence, maintaining two of them is not going to be anyhow easier. Will try to be regular here with my thoughts...

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